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This site is a tool for improving primary, secondary and tertiary trauma prevention services made available to Quebecers, the fruit of efforts by several agencies and partners who work in trauma care in Québec.

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TCC Latest News - June 2018


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      Antidémarreur éthylométrique et conduite avec les facultés affaiblies : efficacité des programmes et recommandations pour en maximiser l’impact
      Publication INSPQ, 2018
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        Colloque lésions médullaires 2018 (ouverture des inscriptions)
        26 octobre 2018, Montréal, Québec, Canada
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        International Trauma Conference
        7-10 novembre 2018, St.Louis, Missouri, États-Unis
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        • ARTICLES (June 2018)

          The Successes and Challenges of Integrating Emergency Medicine With Critical Care Medicine
          Khan, S., et coll., 2017
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          The impact of individual physicians on outcomes after trauma: is it the system or the surgeon?
          Udyavar, N.R., et coll., 2018
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          Quality Benchmarking in Trauma: from the NTDB to TQIP
          A.Hornor, M., et coll., 2018
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          Multivariate approaches to evaluating quality in trauma care
          Aragon, L., 2018
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          Adherence to Brain Trauma Foundation Guidelines for Management of Traumatic Brain Injury Patients and its Effect on Outcomes: Systematic Review
          Khormi, Y.H., et coll., 2018
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          What Are Ethical Implications of Regionalization of Trauma Care?
          DiBrito, S.R., et coll., 2018
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          Application of the Canadian Computed Tomography Head Rule to Patients With Minimal Head Injury
          Davey, K., et coll., 2018
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          Accuracy of Pediatric Trauma Field Triage-A Systematic Review
          Van der Sluijs, R., et coll., 2018
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          Interventions to Prevent Falls in Older Adults: Updated Evidence Report and Systematic Review for the US Preventive Services Task Force
          Guirguis-Blake, JM., et coll., 2018
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          Recent opioid use and fall-related injury among older patients with trauma
          Daoust, R., et coll., 2018
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          Performance of the French version of the 4AT for screening the elderly for delirium in the emergency department
          Gagné, A.J., et coll., 2018
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          Risk factors associated with short term mortality changes over time, after arrival to the emergency department
          Nørgaard Bech, C., et coll., 2018
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          Recommendations for patient engagement in patient-oriented emergency medicine research
          Archambault, P., et coll., 2018
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          Principles of system design not realized for pediatric craniospinal trauma care in the United States
          Piatt, J., et coll., 2018
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          A scoping review of the nature and outcomes of extended rehabilitation programmes after very severe brain injury
          Knox, L., et coll., 2018
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          Psychological and behavioural difficulties following severe TBI in adolescence: a comparison with a sample of peers with brain lesions of other origin and with a control group
          Pastore, V., et coll., 2018
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          A Scoping Review of Pain in Children after Traumatic Brain Injury: Is There More Than Headache?
          Vivian, K., et coll., 2018
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          Early Factors Associated with the Development of Chronic Pain in Trauma Patients
          Daoust, R., et coll., 2018
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